Since the very early days of my artistic career as a young teenager, I saw things through a looking glass of color, shape, line and composition. That is the way I looked at things then and the way I look at things now.  One day I saw my mother’s reading glasses sitting on the coffee table in the living room, the light reflecting on the lenses with a shadow cast on the magazine they were sitting on. I ran and got my box of oil pastels and sketchbook and started drawing. This began an entire series and style of artwork…….taking a relatively mundane object or scene and bringing it to life with vibrant color.  I am creating in that light today, almost five decades later.

A 60 piece virtual exhibit is now available for you to view and enjoy online from now until March 6, 2021.

Click the link:  OBJECTS: Ordinary to Extraordinary   And lose yourself in the colorful re-creations of kitchen gadgets, shoes, glasses, tools and other familiar things.