In the very early days of my artistic career back in the 1970s, I carried around a sketch book almost everywhere I went. Fascinated with the most mundane and ordinary objects, I would draw them. This would be things like eyeglasses, scissors, tools, gadgets, and instruments.

It started with my mother’s reading glasses sitting on the coffee table at home. She went to pick them up and wear them and I yelled something like, “Aaaaaaah WAIT, don’t move them yet. I’m not done.” She completely understood and let me finish.

Last year I created a series of eight large paintings, all 40 x 30 inches of ordinary objects. They are scissors, nail clipper, egg slicer, Swiss army knife, corkscrew, eyeglasses, can opener and pliers.

Enjoy looking . Once you click the link find the section called Objects: Larger Works and you’ll see them there.