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When I paint, I play with perspective and impossible depth perceptions. Sometimes a flat perspective or one with depth will move forward when it really should go back. That’s the fun of it and a unique aspect of my work. I use only the finest quality acrylic-based pigments applied to stretched canvas often using a dark undercoat and then overlaying lighter bright colors over it. Bright contrast and unconventional combinations of shades and colors are typical. Objects, animals, trees and places I’ve been are brought to life on the canvas. It starts with love and passion for the original image encountered in life; then taken a few steps farther into my world of imagination, color and perspective.


My paintings are an entrance into the world of whimsy and fun. Bright acrylic color on canvas, bold shapes and exciting compositions take an ordinary everyday animal, object or place and bring it to life. The images lift a person up, bring about a smile and maybe even make someone laugh. With all that goes on in the world I think of my paintings as an escape from worries, problems and sadness. Color, bold shapes and interesting patterns excite my audience with colors that react next to each other, vibrate, bounce or pop! I paint with passion and intensity, but there is nothing serious about the creation. If I can make someone smile and experience pleasure from viewing the images I create, I have served my purpose.


Growing up with an artist mother was a stroke of good luck! From the time I could hold a crayon, paintbrush or pencil my mother provided all the materials an artist could dream of along with loving patience and encouragement. When I wanted to create but didn’t know what to do, she gave me assignments. For example: paint an imaginary animal or draw a completely made up castle or go out in the garden and draw the flowers.

By the time I got to high school I wanted to get into a good art school. My mother told me to draw every day and carry my sketch book with me wherever I went. So, I did. I went to the zoo and drew animals. I painted self-portraits and portraits of my friends. I sat on benches in the town I grew up in, Haddonfield, NJ; and drew people and buildings. I took my sketchbook to the woods and sketched trees, birds and the water. On cold or rainy days, I went to the public library and drew things there.

At 16 I attended Saturday classes at Philadelphia College of Art, where I drew from nude models for the first time. I thought I was going to die when a young man came out and posed. That year, I was accepted by Tyler School of Fine Art, Temple University.

Off I went to begin a rigorous curriculum of figure drawing, design, sculpture, art history and some other required academics. I lasted 2 years; my parents went through a miserable divorce; my funds for school were cut off completely and I was on my own. Flat broke, I got a job as a nude model for Philadelphia College of Art and managed to continue my studio classes part-time at night. I went back to college and finish my degree at Clemson University on a scholarship.

Some 15-20 years went by in the school of hard knocks, painting only a trickle. Then something hit me! I haven’t been able to stop myself from painting since! I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them!

I’ve sold and bartered many paintings over the years, exhibited in art shows and awarded prizes and ribbons, including an honorable mention from the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Recent exhibitions: Annual Downtown West Palm Beach Art Festival, Annual Downtown Sarasota Festival of the Arts, Annual Coconut Point Art Festival and the famous Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa, Florida.

My work is in private collections in Portland, OR; Valley Forge, PA; Los Angeles, CA; Clearwater, FL; Sarasota, FL and Clemson, SC.