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Cats: A Popular Subject for Artists

Many artists and art collectors enjoy paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures of their beloved cats; me included. These lovely pets have been the subject of artwork from ancient prehistoric times through the centuries to the present.

The desire to capture the aesthetic beauty of my cats and my deepest love for them inspired me to photograph, draw and paint them over the course of their lives and mine.

A few months ago, back in December, a favorite collector as me if I would create a painting of her sweet cat named Opal. I happily accepted the commission challenge and presented her with the finished artwork you can see here. As expected, it was very well received.

View several other paintings of cats here:

Zatista: A Curated Online Original Art Gallery

I am incredibly happy to announce my very recent agreement with Zatista to exhibit my work in their online gallery. My page is up and running with only a very few paintings there now, but additions will be made one by one as time moves on.

Zatista calls themselves The Premier Source for Original Art. They have a beautiful collection of unique and original artworks individually created by the hands of the best emerging and established artists. This makes me proud to be part of their organization.

Take a look at my collection:

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

The NY Art Competitions organization used one of my paintings from the “Ordinary Object” collection for their poster, marketing for the 36th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Incidentally, I was one of the winners in the competition last year and I am competing again this year.

NY Art Competitions is a division of New York Fine Arts Group, established in 1984. Since then, they have been providing artists with opportunities to in advancing their careers, promoting their work to a greater audience, and increasing international exposure.

Stay tuned for the competition results!

An Exhibit at District Arts

District Arts has selected my work for their juried exhibit called, “Ordinary Objects, Extraordinary Times”, to be shown from May 5 to May 30, 2021. It will be a live, in person exhibit!!

District Arts is a gallery located in the Historic District of Frederick, MD, just outside Washington, DC. The gallery is dedicated to representing the work of local, regional, and nationally recognized artists whose styles and techniques evoke the modern world through the dramatic use of color and form. My work seems to fit in well here. In that regard, my painting titled “Shelby’s Backyard” was selected for the exhibit.

All are welcome to see my work and that of 24 other artists in person at the gallery.

For location and more about the gallery:

My Street: Jacob Court

Twenty years ago, my husband and I moved into our house on Jacob Court, a nice quiet street with friendly neighbors. When the pandemic hit, a year ago, we were spending quite a bit more time at home and outside on the street talking to neighbors.

One day I realized what a nice street it really was and decided to do a few paintings of it from different angles and views. I was particularly interested in the mailboxes, cars and houses and want to communicate about them in vivid color. 

Next, I shot some photos as a starting point and went to work.  The three paintings are called Jacob Court 1, Jacob Court 2, Jacob Court 3 and can be viewed here.

The Ordinary: A Series of Objects

In the very early days of my artistic career back in the 1970s, I carried around a sketch book almost everywhere I went. Fascinated with the most mundane and ordinary objects, I would draw them. This would be things like eyeglasses, scissors, tools, gadgets, and instruments.

It started with my mother’s reading glasses sitting on the coffee table at home. She went to pick them up and wear them and I yelled something like, “Aaaaaaah WAIT, don’t move them yet. I’m not done.” She completely understood and let me finish.

Last year I created a series of eight large paintings, all 40 x 30 inches of ordinary objects. They are scissors, nail clipper, egg slicer, Swiss army knife, corkscrew, eyeglasses, can opener and pliers.

Enjoy looking . Once you click the link find the section called Objects: Larger Works and you’ll see them there.

Singulart: A French Online Gallery

About a year ago I received an email from one of the curators at Singulart (an online gallery based in Paris, France.)  It was explained to me how they showcase talented artists from around the world to a global audience, connecting the collector to the artist via the artworks on the platform.

The curator and I filled in an application together over the phone followed by a submission for approval. The next day there was an email answer saying they loved my artwork, and I was given a warm welcome.

I now have over 160 original paintings available online via their beautiful platform to collectors all over the world. My collectors have praised Singulart for their exceptional personal service and care. As the artist I praise them for the same treatment to me.

Disentangle from the stress of life and indulge in the vibrant colors and shapes of my work, each piece being a snip-it from my life with a story.

Published in Spotlight Magazine

This is not an April Fools Joke. I promise.

Spotlight Magazine presents their 22nd Issue with a unique selection of 148 remarkable contemporary artists (their words not mine) from around the world. This collection contains a wide variety of perspectives, techniques, styles, and approaches to visual art.  Take your time and flip through the magazine to discover artwork you enjoy.

The publication is organized in alphabetical order by the artist’s last name. My work, “Jacob Court 3” ended up on page 72 of 182.

Click her to view. 

Have a good time looking!

Marin Society of Artists: Artist’s Vision 2021

Artist’s Vision 2021 is an interesting national fine arts juried exhibition hosted by the Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA. I am thrilled to announce the acceptance of my work onto the exhibit which will be available for viewing online until May 7, 2021. 

This diverse exhibit ranges from extreme realism to wildly abstract and everything in between so I’m sure you will find it very interesting. The works are in alphabetical order by the artist’s last name.

Interestingly enough, two of my New York City landscapes are shown in a California venue: “Driving Through the Lincoln Tunnel” and “Holland Tunnel Entrance”.

Enjoy browsing the show: Artist’s Vision 2021

Let the Music Play: An Interesting Review

A little while ago an email came into my inbox asking permission to use my artwork images in a blog. Of course, I gave permission as it was from an instructor at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead UK. 

A student, Betsy, was participating in a project called the Silver Arts Award and one of the requirements was to conduct a review of an artist’s work. Betsy came across my virtual exhibit called “Let the Music Play” and from there did a review of my work and posted it in a blog followed by sending me a link when completed.

The virtual exhibit is no longer available online to view but there is a link to my Singulart page in the article to view the work.

Here is the blog review from a promising young student of the arts: An Interesting Review .