About Sue



Sue’s paintings are a vehicle used to lift a person up, bring about a smile and maybe even make someone laugh. With all that goes on in the world her work is sort of an escape from worries, problems and sadness and an entrance into the world of whimsy, cheerfulness and fun. She loves color, bold shapes and exciting compositions. It’s all about taking an ordinary everyday object and blowing them up with colors that react next to each other, vibrate, bounce or pop!


The finest quality acrylic-based pigments are applied to stretched canvas with layer upon layer of color creating bright contrast with unconventional combinations of shades. She finds everyday objects in life that most people are very familiar with and adds her flavor of color and perspective.

About Sue

Growing up with an artist mother was a stroke of good fortune providing all the paint and paper imaginable along with loving patience and encouragement. Sue was formally educated in the fine arts at Philadelphia College of Art, Tyler School of Art and Clemson University. She has sold and bartered many paintings over the years, exhibited in art shows and awarded prizes and ribbons.

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