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OBJECTS: Ordinary to Extraordinary



Since the very early days of my artistic career as a young teenager, I saw things through a looking glass of color, shape, line and composition. That is the way I looked at things then and the way I look at things now.  One day I saw my mother’s reading glasses sitting on the coffee table in the living room, the light reflecting on the lenses with a shadow cast on the magazine they were sitting on. I ran and got my box of oil pastels and sketchbook and started drawing. This began an entire series and style of artwork…….taking a relatively mundane object or scene and bringing it to life with vibrant color.  I am creating in that light today, almost five decades later.

A 60 piece virtual exhibit is now available for you to view and enjoy online from now until March 6, 2021.

Click the link:  OBJECTS: Ordinary to Extraordinary   And lose yourself in the colorful re-creations of kitchen gadgets, shoes, glasses, tools and other familiar things.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments as Subject Matter

Over the course of my life and painting career, I’ve been inspired by the musicians I’ve met and the beautiful instruments they play. These instruments are works of art in themselves and I cherish the intricate details of carved scrolls, knobs, strings, buttons and all the other details.

Each work is a daring but playful experiment in color, a challenge making the colors dance on the canvas. I’m so excited by it all that I get an adrenalin rush painting when the colors react a certain way.

I’ve had the time of my life painting the first 10 of the Musical Instrument Collection.  Stay tuned for the next 10 or so.



The idea of painting places I’ve been all started a couple of years ago when I was standing on the 12th floor in the Clearwater Tower building in downtown Clearwater, Florida. It was a beautiful scene with the bridge going from mainland Clearwater to the causeway leading to the beach. 

I did my usual playful experimentation with color and painted the scene with vibrant shades of blue, red, pink, orange, and green. This continues with a series of 6 or 7 other bridge paintings and then expanded to street scenes, cars, intersections, tunnels, and other places that intrigued me with the space, perspective, and patterns.

Jumping back and forth between subjects and sizes of canvas keeps me fresh and on my toes. I never get bored or stale this way. Each painting must pose its own new challenge to keep me excited and anxious about how to create a certain effect. And so, it goes…. trying new color combinations and compositions for each new work.